Celebrations 2022 Maker's Pack

Specially curated for the innovative makers among us, this pack includes our trendiest, most versatile, and creators’ soon-to-be top picks from the Celebrations 2022 Suite. Featuring a new surface, never-before-seen Transfers, and a few all-time favorite Chalkology® Paste colors, you'll also get the bonus of hitting your 100PV mark for the quarter with one easy click!

  • Hexagon Cutout (item S2224127)
  • Honeycomb Pattern (item B2224345)
  • Anywhere With You Collection—Roadmap (item D2224312)
  • Anywhere With You Collection—Travel Stamps Minis (item B2224352)
  • Shut The Front Door (item C2224323)
  • Bandana Pattern (item D2224311)
  • Shimmer Harvest Chalkology Paste Jar (item P203126)
  • Shimmer Olive Chalkology Paste Jar (item P203127)
  • Black Velvet Chalkology Paste Single (item PS183108)
  • Bumblebee Chalkology Paste Single (item PS183102)
  • Ocean Mist Chalkology Paste Single (item PS201120)
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